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Thank You!

What we’ve accomplished today — these kind of numbers — have so very little to do with me. These numbers have everything to do with the amazing grassroots organization that we’ve put together.

On election day we saw historic turnout in all precincts in the Third Ward. I’ve come to realize that this unprecedented engagement has so very little to do with me, and everything to do with the tremendous team of supporters.

We have become a group of happy, smiling warriors committed to improving our communities, fighting for those who are struggling, and ensuring that every ounce of potential in our city is realized. Having the support of such a unbelievable crew means so much to me, and I couldn’t have kept going with your work.

One of our volunteers (thank you Brent Nelson!) made a video montage of the last year, which compiled numerous shots from the campaign trail. If you were at all involved in our campaign, chances are you are included in the video.

Thank you to Council Member Hofstede for her public service throughout her life. I hope she continues to be immensely involved in improving our neighborhoods. Thank you also to fellow candidates Kristina Gronquist and Michael Katch for joining the conversation of this campaign. Public discourse is what makes our democracy strong.

This is a New Minneapolis, and together we will make sure that it absolutely thrives!

We did it! Now, let’s get to work!